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The Vault

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Secure Your Unregistered Intellectual Property Rights.

Welcome to the Products Pending Vault, an online secure platform designed to protect your unregistered intellectual property rights. As an innovator, designer, or creator, safeguarding your ideas and designs is crucial before making them public or seeking legal protection.

Establishing Proof of Upload

The Vault helps you establish credible proof of when your ideas and designs were uploaded, which is valuable for claiming Unregistered Design Rights. These rights provide automatic protection for your designs without the need for formal registration. By having evidence of the upload date, you can support your claim of ownership. When you upload your product ideas and designs to the Vault, you'll receive a digital certificate with a unique reference number and timestamp, serving as proof of secure upload.

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Secure Storage and Access

With the Vault, you can easily upload your product ideas as documents, images, or other files. These materials are stored in our secure online repository, where you can access and download them anytime, ensuring your ideas remain confidential until you're ready to disclose them.


Disclosing Your Idea Safely

While it's essential to keep your intellectual property secret during development and protection stages, there may be times when you need to disclose your ideas and designs. For example, when seeking funding, collaborating with others, tendering for work or showing designs to clients, having proof of the upload date can be valuable evidence. By uploading your ideas and designs to the Products Pending Vault, you can display the scheme logo on your portfolio, website, products, and marketing materials, demonstrating your commitment to protecting your intellectual property and deterring others from copying or using your ideas without permission.

The Benefits of using the Vault:

  • Establishes proof of upload date for your ideas and designs

  • Secure online storage for your ideas and designs

  • Access and download your materials anytime

  • Safely disclose ideas and designs to clients or collaborators

  • Display the scheme logo to showcase your IP protection efforts

  • Deters potential infringement by others

Protect your innovative ideas with the Products Pending Vault – your trusted partner in securing unregistered intellectual property.

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