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The Vault

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What Is It?

Welcome to the Products Pending Vault, an online secure platform for recording your unregistered intellectual property.

As an industrial designer, inventor, or simply someone with an idea for a new product innovation, you know how important it is to protect your ideas and ensure that you have the right to exploit them. However, the process of obtaining registered rights can be complex and require a significant investment in time and money and in some cases may not be the right thing to do.

Therefore, it's always a good idea to have a record of your designs before you make them public, especially if you are planning to sell, license or bring the product to market yourself.


The Vault helps you keep track of your IP. Uploading your designs generates a digital certificate with a unique reference number and the date it was registered. This will provide credible proof of your design, which will show the date of creation required for Unregistered Design Right protection. Having proof of the date and time that you created the ideas can be helpful in establishing your ownership of the intellectual property rights.

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With the Vault, you can easily upload your product ideas in the form of documents, images, or other files. These ideas are then stored in our secure online repository, where you can access and download at any time.

Disclosing Your Idea

Disclosing your IP before it is registered can also increase the risk of others copying or stealing your ideas and whilst it may be tempting to share your ideas with others in order to seek feedback, employment, support or funding, doing so can expose your IP to potential infringement. By uploading materials to our online vault and obtaining a digital certificate with a unique reference number you can establish proof of creation and the date and time it was uploaded.

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While it is important to keep your intellectual property secret while you are developing your ideas and seeking protection, there may come a time when you need to disclose your designs.

By uploading your designs to the Products Pending Vault you can display the scheme logo in your portfolio, on your website, your products, and marketing materials. This shows that you are serious about protecting your intellectual property and that you are using a recognised system for doing so which may deter others from trying to copy or use your ideas without your permission.

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